Hi folks around the world and at home..Lets go!

Today is the first day of a new adventure. I am starting a Blog, which is so new for me. These last few months have been a whirlwind of new information and new skills that I can now proudly say I’m capable of.

I guess I should explain, that I am a person living with a severe brain injury. My story is not that long, but it sure has been an interesting one none-the-less. I have had many difficult things to face within my time and not all were accessible in my mind, but somehow I’m still here and that’s real. I won’t sugar coat my life, because that’s not real. 

I used to be a musician, I always worked. (I still dabble in it here and there) Now I find myself filling my days with writing. Some people are convinced that a person with a brain injury can’t do anything this fantastic, but, let me tell you with over 7 short story’s under my belt, I CAN do this! I love writing and filling someone’s mind with pictures, smells and characters all from my own imagination. One day, not yet – but one day I will be a published writer and everyone every where will see that a person with some sort of disability cannot be held back. We are not disabled, we are just “differently-able’d.” 

Thank you
James G Hutcheson

(Never Ever Give Up)


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