A Trip To Serenity.

Hi every one of you. Sorry once again for the delay.  I’m learning this as I go.  So anyway, since I talked to you last, I have been busy. If you don’t know, I work with differently-abled musicians, under the direction of the only damn sane one in the studio. We meet three hours a day, three times a week. The music is incredible. The focus we bring to the table is astonishing. Tom Ball is the musical director of this journey we are on. He delivers, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and great technical and musical skills. Now me , When I write I go to my deck put up the umbrella find the right music- and I’m gone. I am a true – women lovin’, beer drinking, rock-‘n-roll needing CANADIAN. I love my country (but who doesn’t love their country) and I have been happy in Alberta.  All right that’s my fun side. The writing is more than serious. I am on a mission to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. This is as excerpt from my very first piece.

These were the hardest words I have ever wrote. It’s called

“A Group of One”

In here lies the story.

Downtown anywhere, night has shaken the stars awake and the wind and the trees start whispering a symphony. Like a haunting cello, the wind dances across the barren street as the lonely man walks passionately into it. As if kissed by an old lover, whose face is long gone, the memory of her smell, her feel, the taste of her body, and her blue eyes yearning–pull a tear from this soul that has been trodden on so many times before.

(Never Ever Give Up)


By jamesghutcheson

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