Hi Everyone , Everywhere.

It’s James G, hope this week has brought you some peace. The world once again is going nuts. I ask you, when is it enough? You know I get up every day and sometimes it’s a struggle to have to live In pain continuously,  however, I know there are those of you who are worse off. SO ANYWAY LET’S END WITH A LAUGH. May I PRESENT, THE ONE AND ONLY,



The day started like any other. Not much going on. I’m on my second beer and three episodes of some cartoon show which I was enjoying, almost too much. As usual. I’m Danny Spitz, almost a private eye. Almost—‘cause I don’t work at it very hard. The phone rings and it’s Doreen from the office.


(Never, Ever Give Up)

By jamesghutcheson

The Color Was Winter.

Hi Everyone, Everywhere.

Hey, since last week I told you I am on number 9, pure passion, So far 8 full pages. So ladies, I think you’ll like this one. And to folks everywhere, just sent a piece to Ontario, for judging, Won’t hear for a while. Listen what matters here, my message today is … If you believe and its for beauty and peace, “then do it”. Today I am leaving you with a couple of lines of new one. Have a wonderful day, if you can’t know this, some one is listening. I will write to warm your soul if only for a minute.

James G Hutcheson.

(Never Ever Give up)


“We both started walking towards each other, like I just got back from war or something. I could hear the heat ripping at her clothes, as she kept approaching. My self well, lets just say there’s a time for logic, and then there’s a time for this.”


By jamesghutcheson


Hi everyone, everywhere,

Hello world. Now we are on as we call them,” THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER.” Things are quieting down, Back to school already or soon. Well. what are you going to do? Anyway,still working hard on #9. But, i’ll leave you today with hopefully,a little  peace in your heart and your days not so heavy. Join me if you will with a few words from my piece…


They did not understand when Emily closed her eyes and saw herself dancing in the horizons ever – changing cascade of color. Rolling in a meadow uninhibited by life’s damn rules. Climb as high as she can to stand and scream…” LET ME OUT”. Letting the ripples of ecstasy from the blue water, of some lake roll across her naked body.images (7)

       (Never Ever Give Up)

By jamesghutcheson


Hi everyone, everywhere. Well another week has passed. I hope it finds you all well. This week I am focusing on my 9th piece. It has more passion than I have ever tried before. Ladies this one is for you. All you beautiful women around the world. I am pushing my word count to hopefully 5000 words. This excerpt is from a little tale called;

“Esther Flannigan’s Magnificent Adventure”

Now Esther. she’s kind of different, least I think. I wouldn’t say she’s slow, just…oh 20 minutes behind, I’d describe her. Esther has some kind of phobia  “ that means your’e scared of something I guess “. Esther’s phobia is she would only go out on the first Saturday of the month. And only that day.(I’m rolling my eyes and whistling but, you can’t see that- , come on, play along).

(Never, Ever, Give up)

By jamesghutcheson

A Breath of Wind

Hi every one of you.

I can’t believe it’s August already.  Here in Alberta the summer has been a disaster for a lot of people. I mean all the rain and flooding has been hard on our whole province. Though I know, because I’m talking globally, all of you have or are facing difficult times. But, on the other side, I finished another piece. I, of course, think my jokes are funnier than anyone else.  (Go figure!)  So, anyway, I’m happy to say, number 8.  Yahoo!

You know that in my last blog I said I love rock ‘n roll but I’m a musician and enjoy all genres of music and I listen to them all, that’s how I write

Okay so this is it.  This week, we had ten differently-abled musicians playing seven separate instruments.  We were playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles.  To say it worked is an understatement. If you could see the beauty of their smiles, and for one minute–just one bloody minute–listen to what we have to say it might blow your mind!

Today I’m giving you an abstract, perhaps you will know me better after this.  There are approximately 108 words to this. This is all of it. These are more thoughts than story. I call these memories ‘I Once Had a Dream’.


images (2)

I was a boy, saw too much misery, pain, tears, heartache.

I was a teenager full of lost hope, lack of guidance, made my own decisions.  (No good).

I was a man, given a gift, I abused.

I was married to a broken woman and so was I.  It did not work.  (C’est la vie).

I became disabled, wracked with pain.

But you were not through with me.

I got hurt some more and got a brain injury.

I guess I should give up, I’m tired.

I just don’t know how to quit coming.

I once had a dream and now I think, it’s not over yet.

I take comfort in that.

The End.

(Never ever give up).

By jamesghutcheson