Hi everyone, everywhere. Well another week has passed. I hope it finds you all well. This week I am focusing on my 9th piece. It has more passion than I have ever tried before. Ladies this one is for you. All you beautiful women around the world. I am pushing my word count to hopefully 5000 words. This excerpt is from a little tale called;

“Esther Flannigan’s Magnificent Adventure”


Now Esther. she’s kind of different, least I think. I wouldn’t say she’s slow, just…oh 20 minutes behind, I’d describe her. Esther has some kind of phobia  “ that means your’e scared of something I guess “. Esther’s phobia is she would only go out on the first Saturday of the month. And only that day.(I’m rolling my eyes and whistling but, you can’t see that- , come on, play along).

(Never, Ever, Give up)

By jamesghutcheson

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