It’s James G and I have to tell you, these last weeks of summer has certainly warmed my heart. I’ve been busy doing music and writing. I said I would try for 5000 words,  Well 16 pages later, I’m sure I made it. Look, I understand this time in all our lives is not easy. I implore you all of you around the world, this site is global, so I mean all of you. Just try to find 2 min. in your day to close your eyes and your mind and RELAX. Now I hope you liked Danny Spitz – Almost a Private Eye, ’cause here is a bit more.

In closing, may the sun and peace hold you in its arms if only for a minute. Now on to “Danny Spitz”


5 o’ clock that night I am still sitting at my desk getting my plan together. Plan/ What a joke.(ok smart guy, where to start?)

“Doreen,” I call. “I need cab fare.’

“We don’t have any. I’ll give you some bus tickets”.

“The BUS, I almost explode.”I hate the bus!”

” Then walk.” Doreen says.

“Screw it”, I say and head for the bus.


By jamesghutcheson

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