HI EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE,  This week has been real good. I am in the process of sending another story to a publisher in ONTARIO. Everything takes time, and patience once was plentiful, now maybe a little less. Since this damn accident, I had to re-train my thought process. it is ongoing.

All right   –  time for fun. On Friday afternoon, our band SOULFUL NOIZE played for around 120 people.  Not bad for 1oclock in the afternoon. We did 2 hours, and like I always say,  MUSIC just does it. Now it is time to carry on the journey, a little  story I like to call-


Old Man

‘Why back in 1946 they had two or three colors.(That’s right).    Black, brown and  blonde, oh yah grey. But, I don’t think of that as a colour,  more of a curse.

That my friends is all you get today. Peace and…

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By jamesghutcheson

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