This week I just want to talk. You know this journey I am on sometimes tires me. I not only write and play music, I am also an advocate for the disabled, like me. Somehow I not only survive with my injuries, I relish the fight. The way I fight prejudice is to always stand as straight as I can and play music with some very incredible people. And I write, from my soul, for me and of course for all of you. I guess I have always been a dreamer because my path has not been easy. But, know this, I am a good man who was given a second chance. You know I was in a coma for days, and when I awoke, I was alone and afraid and now I am not alone… I have all of you.

I always give you a picture; this week you get me, sorry.


Anyway it is our time to close our eyes and our minds if only for a moment.

Until next time….


By jamesghutcheson

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