I was going to change my website story but with all the festivities coming up I will leave it a little longer. So I hope this finds you all well. On Tuesday my band ‘SOULFUL NOIZE has been asked to play for the  mayor of Red Deer and other dignitaries. It is quite an honour.  This will kick off International Day of Angels With Disabilities.

Now for sure, join me, if only for a moment, close your eyes and your thoughts and …rest.  Now, my friends, a little magic or something.. Here is a bit more of


The Enchanted Forest- Force of Nature 1 {Ian, Mountain and Sea S

Around the bend, all Tully saw was light, not our light, but rather a haze of gold light. Tully followed, although Josie let him feel as if …oh if he was taking her. And as they entered that haze it became sunny, calm, yet eerily a dusting of beautiful. And all Tully could sense was this sway or push of the breeze…and lilacs…

That is it until next we meet. Peace go with you all, good night.


By jamesghutcheson

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