The Ring O f Time


This week has been electric for me.  Our band  SOULFUL NOIZE– as I see it, listen my friends, I do know what I’m talking about–this music we produce is simply… spectacular.  If you don’t mind, just this once, I want to push one very strong thought of mine on all of you:  Music.. which makes you delve for your own dreams.

I just sent another story to CBC. This is a big deal for me. Now this one is a non-fiction piece, so that makes two gone for reading.  Yahoo!  Anyway I’m sore today so it is time my friends … if only for a moment, close your ( in fact I will too), close “our” eyes and our thoughts….. and rest.   Until we smile at each other again I leave you with a little tale I am working on called…



  I felt , or rather heard, the wind’s breath as it tucked the last spark from my candle. The haunting echo from my fingers dancing across the piano, stirred old memories. Looking up, I see the french doors open wide from the wind,  and the winding garden, lined with rows of flowers, colors flying from the petals, yet I feel a darkness coming. Almost a screaming, deep inside my soul.


By jamesghutcheson

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