It has been a long week my friends. My best friend (actually we have called each other brother for 46 years) is in a bad way right now, but I will be there till the end. I will watch over him as he has always watched over me. His name is ‘ MARVELOUS MERV’ and to me he always will be. That’s all.

Now to you my friends, my concert is getting closer: APRIL 4/14 from 7 pm-9 pm.  Anyone, all of you, come to this event if you can.  There are five of us:  two brain injuries, one bi- polar, one beautiful lady who is autistic and blind (she plays percussion, and keeps time like a metronome), and one who is not too nutty yet, but we’re working on him.  SOULFUL NOIZE,  THAT’S US.  That’s all.

Spring is almost upon us, but, if you don’t mind I could use, and I am sure you could also–if only for a moment–to close your eyes and your thoughts…. and let’s just rest.  Well this is goodbye until we see each other in the park. I will leave you with a few words about time.



We were kids and thought the world would never end. We got older and life got harder. It’s funny though, we laughed and kept going.

”Never stop,” you used to say. We both went and got married, we both picked the wrong woman, go figure.  Now we are old men, and it appears I might be doing the rest of the journey by myself. But don’t you worry, I’ll tell em, I’ll tell them all, when they ask, and they will.

I’ll say…..”Well, I knew you then.”


By jamesghutcheson

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