I don’t understand it; it is truly a magical time for all of us.  Spring is here, but I am still waiting for some warmth. You know winter comes every year and we try to make the best of it. Really though, this one has been harder than I remember. Hopefully this winter is almost over.

Okay now, this has been my week.  Monday we had Shaw Cable TV filming the band, Wednesday we had The Advocate newspaper people down shooting pictures and interviewing  us.

I’m sorry, here’s one more plug for my band, Soulful Noize. The concert is this Friday at the Hub,  Ross Street downtown,  7PM-9PM. Tickets are  $15  per person or $30 for the whole family.  That’s all.

On a personal note, when I started this web site and blog I had no real expectations. As of March 28 I have had over 1,230 hits on my web and almost 900 on my blog.  Not bad for someone like me.  Thank you!

Finally, let us close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. Well, that’s it until next we meet at that cafe. You know, the one by that swaying willow tree.  I leave you with a couple of lines of a little tale I call



Now, Cecil’s daughter Vicki is at the cash register. Of course she’s busy texting her boyfriend Bennie Flummer. While she’s texting she is trying to figure out how to work the cash register.

“At this point, at least from my view”, says Buster Greycloud, “poor Cecil looks ready for the rest home.   That’s it.


By jamesghutcheson

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