Well, the concert went well. The Hub is a hard room for sound so even with my best effort I had to abandon the real drums and play the electronic set.  That saved the show.  Even so, I feel the magic of that night, at least for me, was anticlimactic. Oh well, next time.

So now back to writing. With the weather getting nicer every day, soon I will be back on my deck where I seem to do the bulk of my writing. As the soft winds blow warmth into my tired soul I feel strength return to my body and beauty to my mind.

Now it is our time,  if only for a moment, to close our eyes and our thoughts-… and,  rest. Until we next we meet at the big parade, here is a little of a tale I call…


harry and mary

 Harry and Mary still live in the house where they raised their family. Mary would sell, but Harry–never.  One of Harry’s favorite sayings went something like,  “I’ll tell you Mary, way back in 1946 we were looking real good”.  Mary turns to Harry, takes his hand and says softly, “Oh Harry, you remind me of a doughnut. The fluffy part is fun to hug,  just like you. But the hole in the middle is where your darn memory fell out.


By jamesghutcheson

4 comments on “A RUSH OF EMOTION

    • Oops, i hit the post it too fast. Sure does feel great to be able to go outside, open the windows. You must live on the east coast or up north. Let’s hope the spring, summer and even fall last this year. Another winter like we just had and I think I will be thinking like Harry..

      • it has been a long time since i said hello. between writing and drumming, i forget my manners often. i do apologize. thanks for sticking with me. i sign off my dear bad girl. i will say goodbye for now,i have to check youre site. james hutcheson

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