I have had a busy week.  Easter was quiet, though I went for a walk yesterday and of course ended up at  the blues jam. Played a couple of tunes and then home in an hour cooking supper. The sun felt warm, and that was nice.

You know, as a rule I don’t comment on tragedy. But this terrible loss of five young people, five young minds and one more other life gone  weighs heavy on my heart.

Alright, this week the band starts gearing up for our next show in Calgary. It’ll be a hoot I’m sure.

Hope you all had a good Easter.  Now I fear Monday is looming so,  if only for a moment, close your eyes and your thoughts and…rest.  Until we meet up at the lunch counter at the soda shop..that’s all. Here is a little piece of time from my tale…



Jiffy’s in 1946, oh so long ago.  But as they all sat, a walker, three canes, and a lot of tired eyes. Yet once they were vibrant and Jiffy’s was jumping. Every Saturday night we would all be dancing to the sounds of  Teddy Flint and his all around good time band. Why in ’46 you couldn’t buy a new car, ’cause of the war, they used the steel, we gotta wait. And ladies’ nylons were sure hard to find too. Though I’m here to tell you, you could buy a suit with two pairs of pants for about 28 dollars. That’s where Jiffy’s came in.  That’s all


By jamesghutcheson

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