Hello and welcome, another Sunday, quiet today.  My brother has had a hard few days but I am always there by his side. That’s all.

I am looking forward to our band Soulful Noize playing in Calgary on May 15/14. It will be a great time I’m sure.

We are having great fun with the snow and rain here. It’s snowing! My God, it’s May! Stop! When does the sun and the warm part happen?  Alas, I suppose all we can do is smile, drink in the day and wait.

Okay,  this is our time especially me, sooo, if only for a moment, close your eyes and your thoughts and…rest. That’s it until we meet again down at the old sweet shop.  You know, the one by Charlie’s old truck. Today I leave you with these words..


images (1)

There, you see, I was looking in the store window. I had not wanted to look at that painting, but the wind and leaves and all that commotion pushed me closer to that pane of glass. I did not want to be drawn to that picture. It was a face, nothing more. Odd though, it seemed enough. And as I stood feeling, oh I don’t know…enriched, this kid runs by me and throws leaves in my face. And with the angst of a stubborn little mule, he brays at me, “Ha, I saw you looking.” What a day.


By jamesghutcheson

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