What a really fine day we are having today.  I have been very busy with my band. We are gearing up for Calgary–doing a big show at the Arts Hotel.  Very plush. that’s all.  I hope all you ladies everywhere, enjoyed your Sunday. I am writing to beat the band, so to speak. Ok, that;s it until we meet by that weeping willow tree, yes, that’s the one by the creek. So, if only for a moment… close your eyes and your thoughts and….rest. A few words to help you sleep;

I’M JUST WINKINGWindsweptLittle Sally was getting tucked in for the night. Mother always tucked me in, And Sally would say every night, I mean, she was only 6 and she’d whisper ‘MOM, just stay till I fall asleep,ok?’ And Mom always does.  She would lay beside Sally and feel her little eyes drop, and then as she pulled Sally’s blankets , she would get up to leave, Sally always say’s ‘I love you Mom, I ‘m not sleeping, I’m just winking.


By jamesghutcheson

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