Dreary, Maybe. Sad, For Sure


I hope your week has been memorable. We can’t count on the weather to make us smile; we must always find that in ourselves.

I have been a constant caregiver for my brother Merv, but he got worse on Friday; he is now in the hospital once again. And the harder I and my little army of help try…it is what it is.  That’s all.

On another note, my band played an incredible show for some incredible people in the big beautiful city of Calgary. Thanks for a great time for a great cause: saving sick children… I mean, that was worth sweating for.

Anyway, it is time to close our eyes and our thoughts… if only for a moment….. and rest. Well, until we meet again at Bob’s , here is  something I just need to write…



Old Frank Tummel stood on a patch of the deserted school yard on a quiet Sunday. This is where Frank would come to pay tribute to his closest friend who has long passed away. They met as kids, became best friends, then became brothers. Frank and his friend, well, they grew up, his friend raised a family,  Frank did not. The war broke out and Frank and his friend joined up. That’s what you did back then. They made it home alright;  Frank was fine but his friend lost an arm.

And life carried on for Frank and his friend, their journeys enriched by the memories just waiting to be told. Frank’s friend got cancer and got real sick too darn fast. When they were little boys they swore an oath:  if one got sick the other would take care him. So Frank comes to that field every Sunday, and if you ask him what he is doing he will smile at you and say, “I am waiting. You see, old soldiers……may pass this way again.”


By jamesghutcheson

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