I am changing a little on how I do this. I need to create now, to look to the future, as do you. My destiny is not written yet. Today I am going to write, and keep writing, and playing music.  This, and a nice smile. That’s all.

And now, if only for a moment…close your eyes…dream… imagine and… rest



My name is Arnie Flamm. Yeah that’s right, ARNIE-capital A and Flamm- capital F. I’m ten and I’m having a crisis, not just some crisis, but a real one. This is a love crisis. What do you do in a love crisis? Well, you eat! That’s what I do, you bet. Why, I would always have a snack, whelst I was thinking. But my snack is a piece of, I call it drywall, my mMom calls it TOE -FOO or something like that. Okay, I might be a bit dumpy, so I go to my dumpy dad for reassurance.  He calls it insulation. My Mom says it’s healthy, so eat it.  My dumpy dad says do what your mother says.

Back to my love crisis. I’m not sure about the new girl next door, but I’m pretty sure it’s love. You see, she has a funny dog and it seems to me I saw cookies too. Well, even on a rainy day I think these two great joys of my life, a funny dog and cookies, IIII think I’ll marry her, though my mom would ground me and my dumpy dad would look hard at me and then tell me to do what my Mom says. (Right Honey?)

I gotta go to bed now, I mean it man, when I’m eleven, I’m outah here. Well if my mom and dumpy dad… you know the rest don’tcha?  Good night,  Arnie Flamm out!



By jamesghutcheson

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