The Lake Was Glass

Hi everyone everywhere,

This week I want to talk about happiness. The weather is cooperating and it just seems like everything is right. The air feels good. You know the lakes are there, and the long days of summer are upon us. Though some of us have to work, and it’s a pain, but when the work day is over at least there is still summer to enjoy.

I go downtown and even though there is nothing but pavement I sit at the outdoor cafes and I watch people go by. I watch their faces. I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but everybody says hello and I always say hello back to them. It’s wonderful to see happy faces even when you know they’re probably working.  And of course all the girls are pretty in the summer, at least to me.  Downtown can be beautiful too. You just have to put it in perspective.

Well I’m enjoying these summer nights, and it’s hot, so I’m going to go outside and enjoy myself. Until we meet again at Betty’s Bubble Emporium on the corner of Blasher and Second (you know, where Stu parks his car).

Talk to you next week. Until then, close your eyes and your thoughts and…rest.



By jamesghutcheson

A Touch of Class

Hi everyone, everywhere,

Today I want to talk about the incredible angels (or nurses as they’re called) at the Red Deer hospital. I wanted to write this piece because I told them I would never forget them for taking care of my brother Merv as they did right to the end. While Merv was dying of stage IV cancer they made his last days as best for him as possible, and we all took comfort in knowing that.

I remember his first stay in the hospital on unit 32 was in the “Gretzky Suite” as the nurses laughingly referred to it. There was a 99 painted outside the door but it was really just a room that they used to  store wheelchairs and other equipment. But because they were overbooked they used it as a patient room–there was a bed and a table, and Merv loved it.

There was of course Terry, who was the head nurse. She took care of Merv as did Jessica and Diane and on and on. While waiting for him to come back from tests or procedures the nurses would be talking to me and laughing, and I always took great strength from them as did Merv, even right to the end. The rest of the family and I will never forget you. Your job is validated by the great work that you do.  Thank you from Soulful Noize and James G Hutcheson.

And now, if only for a moment, close your eyes and your thoughts and rest. Until we meet again by Arnie’s truck, you know, on Wilbur Street, the one by the tree, I’m going to leave with a little more of….


swan song

The sea that day screamed and wept as it slashed upon the hulls. There is no turning back, only ahead. James Burton, 23, strong, young, yet…terrified, for him and for them. Knowing though, he would go no matter what.

The sky cleared as the morning went on. Time to go. The trees cried in the wind and the wind, well, it just cried  back.


By jamesghutcheson

A Day of Reckoning

Hi Everyone, Everywhere,

Well it has been an interesting week. I have been playing and writing, but more than that, I’ve been watching people…my people…the disabled. And seeing how much the odds seem to stack against us. No matter what, it seems as though we have to try ten times harder than anyone else just to get our point across. There are some brilliant people who have disabilities and people don’t stop to ask them, so how would you know.

My mission when I started this writing project was to speak for those who couldn’t speak for themselves the only way I know how, through writing and music. That’s what I am and that’s what I know but what I see is constant daily injustice that sometimes seems more of a burden than just trying to get out of  bed in the morning.

Next time you see a disabled person, instead of running the other way, why don’t you stop and say hello. And what they say back may just blow your bloody mind. Amen, that’s all.

Now it’s time, if only for a moment to close our eyes and our thoughts and rest. Until we meet again at Stan’s Glass Emporium on the corner of Biggar and Lonesome Drive, right next to the old theatre, I’ll leave you with a few words from…



It was a Thursday afternoon. I’m out working the field. It was a hot day, you know what I mean, sun, heat, sweat rolling down my chest. But as usual, I’m talking to myself. Then it’s funny what happened next. I felt a cool mist dance across me, and as I straightened up, there she was.



By jamesghutcheson


Hi everyone,

This week I’d like to talk about my holiday. It was part holiday, part mission. I had taken my brother Merv’s ashes back home to Winnipeg. We had a family gathering at a private beach in Gimli, Manitoba. My other brother was in the hospital if you can believe that. We just buried Merv, now we had another one in the hospital.

Anyway, the rest of us went down to the water and little Joanie (my mom) took the ashes in her hand and said a prayer for Merv, we all hugged each other and then she threw them up in the air. And just like that the sun was shining. He knew he was home and we were all happy.

For the rest of the week that I was there it rained, but it doesn’t matter because home is home and it was good to be there after being away for two years. I saw my family and brought Merv home. It’s all good.

That’s all.

Catching up in Red Deer, I did some jamming with the band on Friday night.

And now it’s our time, if only for a moment, to close our eyes and our thoughts and…Until we meet next time at Earl’s Pizzaria, you know the one down by Subway and Fifth, here’s a excerpt from a story called…



The day was Tuesday. It was raining, not hard, more of a mist.

Aeris collected herself and approached the door, gazing at herself in the mirror that hung on the wall in the front room. Her eyes told the story though. This was the day James would be getting on that damn ship.

And James Burton on the other hand could barely contain his excitement. You see, at 23 years old James figured he would be a great man of the sea.

As he was packing, James’ eyes darted across the room, and there on his table, next to the candle, was the lock of Aeris’ hair.


By jamesghutcheson



Sorry about not writing last week. I needed to get away. I did, I’m back.

The weather has been steady rain, everywhere it seems. Now the flood warnings are becoming  commonplace. Mother Nature sure has a good time with us, yet we the people do nothing (save the few by comparison) but piss her off. We had better pick up the pace. That’s all.

Now it is our time, if only for a moment, to close our eyes and our thoughts and.. rest. Until we meet again in our special place, you know- that’s right by the water, here is …


Downtown Picture

  Jean and her husband Vic were on vacation. They came from a little town out east.  Jean was about glamour magazines, Vic was about, oh let’s just say he was more sedate than Jean. That of course meant he was grumpy. Jean and Vic won their vacation- ONE WEEK IN VANCOUVER BRITISH COLUMBIA. The thing is, they live in a very small town, so small not only does everyone know your name, it feels like they also are wearing your pants! So every time Vic went outside his neighbour, Larry Dumsel, would jeer, “Hey Vic, Benny at the Legion says your number came up, says you and Jean are going to Vannnncouverrrr.” Vic would smile, though he would rather kick Larry in the pants.

Anyway the vacation went along fine. Jean was happy and Vic was…Vic.  So next day at the market, folks gathered around (that’s what you did in 1959) and asked, “What was the most fun?” Vic turned first to Jean then to the other folks and said, “‘Downtown. No doubt about that. On our last day we walked downtown for three blocks before Jean said to me, ‘These people must think they know me, everyone is walking by and smiling.” MyMy, I says to Jean, it could be, ’cause you bin walkin’ downtown for three blocks with one lens missing from your sunglasses. Yeah, I can testify to this–downtown can sure be funny.”


By jamesghutcheson