Sorry about not writing last week. I needed to get away. I did, I’m back.

The weather has been steady rain, everywhere it seems. Now the flood warnings are becoming  commonplace. Mother Nature sure has a good time with us, yet we the people do nothing (save the few by comparison) but piss her off. We had better pick up the pace. That’s all.

Now it is our time, if only for a moment, to close our eyes and our thoughts and.. rest. Until we meet again in our special place, you know- that’s right by the water, here is …


Downtown Picture

  Jean and her husband Vic were on vacation. They came from a little town out east.  Jean was about glamour magazines, Vic was about, oh let’s just say he was more sedate than Jean. That of course meant he was grumpy. Jean and Vic won their vacation- ONE WEEK IN VANCOUVER BRITISH COLUMBIA. The thing is, they live in a very small town, so small not only does everyone know your name, it feels like they also are wearing your pants! So every time Vic went outside his neighbour, Larry Dumsel, would jeer, “Hey Vic, Benny at the Legion says your number came up, says you and Jean are going to Vannnncouverrrr.” Vic would smile, though he would rather kick Larry in the pants.

Anyway the vacation went along fine. Jean was happy and Vic was…Vic.  So next day at the market, folks gathered around (that’s what you did in 1959) and asked, “What was the most fun?” Vic turned first to Jean then to the other folks and said, “‘Downtown. No doubt about that. On our last day we walked downtown for three blocks before Jean said to me, ‘These people must think they know me, everyone is walking by and smiling.” MyMy, I says to Jean, it could be, ’cause you bin walkin’ downtown for three blocks with one lens missing from your sunglasses. Yeah, I can testify to this–downtown can sure be funny.”


By jamesghutcheson

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