Hi everyone,

This week I’d like to talk about my holiday. It was part holiday, part mission. I had taken my brother Merv’s ashes back home to Winnipeg. We had a family gathering at a private beach in Gimli, Manitoba. My other brother was in the hospital if you can believe that. We just buried Merv, now we had another one in the hospital.

Anyway, the rest of us went down to the water and little Joanie (my mom) took the ashes in her hand and said a prayer for Merv, we all hugged each other and then she threw them up in the air. And just like that the sun was shining. He knew he was home and we were all happy.

For the rest of the week that I was there it rained, but it doesn’t matter because home is home and it was good to be there after being away for two years. I saw my family and brought Merv home. It’s all good.

That’s all.

Catching up in Red Deer, I did some jamming with the band on Friday night.

And now it’s our time, if only for a moment, to close our eyes and our thoughts and…Until we meet next time at Earl’s Pizzaria, you know the one down by Subway and Fifth, here’s a excerpt from a story called…



The day was Tuesday. It was raining, not hard, more of a mist.

Aeris collected herself and approached the door, gazing at herself in the mirror that hung on the wall in the front room. Her eyes told the story though. This was the day James would be getting on that damn ship.

And James Burton on the other hand could barely contain his excitement. You see, at 23 years old James figured he would be a great man of the sea.

As he was packing, James’ eyes darted across the room, and there on his table, next to the candle, was the lock of Aeris’ hair.


By jamesghutcheson

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