A Touch of Class

Hi everyone, everywhere,

Today I want to talk about the incredible angels (or nurses as they’re called) at the Red Deer hospital. I wanted to write this piece because I told them I would never forget them for taking care of my brother Merv as they did right to the end. While Merv was dying of stage IV cancer they made his last days as best for him as possible, and we all took comfort in knowing that.

I remember his first stay in the hospital on unit 32 was in the “Gretzky Suite” as the nurses laughingly referred to it. There was a 99 painted outside the door but it was really just a room that they used to  store wheelchairs and other equipment. But because they were overbooked they used it as a patient room–there was a bed and a table, and Merv loved it.

There was of course Terry, who was the head nurse. She took care of Merv as did Jessica and Diane and on and on. While waiting for him to come back from tests or procedures the nurses would be talking to me and laughing, and I always took great strength from them as did Merv, even right to the end. The rest of the family and I will never forget you. Your job is validated by the great work that you do.  Thank you from Soulful Noize and James G Hutcheson.

And now, if only for a moment, close your eyes and your thoughts and rest. Until we meet again by Arnie’s truck, you know, on Wilbur Street, the one by the tree, I’m going to leave with a little more of….


swan song

The sea that day screamed and wept as it slashed upon the hulls. There is no turning back, only ahead. James Burton, 23, strong, young, yet…terrified, for him and for them. Knowing though, he would go no matter what.

The sky cleared as the morning went on. Time to go. The trees cried in the wind and the wind, well, it just cried  back.


By jamesghutcheson

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