The Lake Was Glass

Hi everyone everywhere,

This week I want to talk about happiness. The weather is cooperating and it just seems like everything is right. The air feels good. You know the lakes are there, and the long days of summer are upon us. Though some of us have to work, and it’s a pain, but when the work day is over at least there is still summer to enjoy.

I go downtown and even though there is nothing but pavement I sit at the outdoor cafes and I watch people go by. I watch their faces. I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but everybody says hello and I always say hello back to them. It’s wonderful to see happy faces even when you know they’re probably working.  And of course all the girls are pretty in the summer, at least to me.  Downtown can be beautiful too. You just have to put it in perspective.

Well I’m enjoying these summer nights, and it’s hot, so I’m going to go outside and enjoy myself. Until we meet again at Betty’s Bubble Emporium on the corner of Blasher and Second (you know, where Stu parks his car).

Talk to you next week. Until then, close your eyes and your thoughts and…rest.



By jamesghutcheson

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