You know, it’s funny, memories. You think about things in your past and all those memories build your life, and they express to you and to others who you are. When I had my accident that was the one thing that I was robbed of.

Now at 58, after just losing my best friend of 46 years, I spent two days just sitting out on my deck where I do my writing, trying to remember. And it just didn’t work. It’s hard to believe about someone who had watched your back for 46 years and made sure you were always okay, the only person you ever trusted, and you just can’t remember. So I grieve for the loss of my friend, and for anyone I suppose.

I build memories by playing and writing and I tell Michelle, my editor, everything, and she remembers. And that’s how I keep my memories. She tells them to me.

So the next time you’re feeling lost, close your eyes and walk through your life. Maybe you need changes. Maybe you don’t. Maybe what you’ve done is just fine. Today it’s raining, but tomorrow I’m sure the sun will shine again. That’s it for now.

And now, if only for a moment, close your eyes and your thoughts and rest….



I was on the bus heading west. I guess I thought I’d head down somewhere Saskatchewan way or something, and try to get a job. Well I got there and the job hadn’t quite started yet. And the boss didn’t look very happy to see me anyways. So he says to me, “Why don’t you take a walk and thing about it, and I’ll think about whether I’m going to give you a job or not, and we’ll meet back in an hour.”  And I looked pensively at this man  and I said, “Yeah I’ll take that walk. Is there a coffee shop down the road or anything?” And my new prospective boss says,  “Yeah there’s probably something down the highway.” It was raining, I told you that, right? So there I am, walking.

I start walking toward the coffee shop, the one that I didn’t know  was there or not (and neither did my new boss). He had told me to think about it and I thought, “Hey, I came from Toronto, I was thinking about it the whole way, but sure, thinking about it now, I guess I could give it a little more time.”  So I take that walk down the highway.

It’s raining, I told you that already, but my prospective boss didn’t seem to mind and I guess I don’t either. I’m thinking to myself, “You know, I’m a musician, why do I want to work on a farm anyway, and especially since the guy already doesn’t like me. So  I’m walking and I’m thinking and it’s still raining.

Anyway, I’d walked about a mile when I look down the road and far away I see a sign flapping in the window and  some lights and I think to myself, “That’s got to be the coffee shop.” So I get there and I’m drenched. I’m not feeling so good about anything, especially my prospective boss, but here I am in the coffee shop so I guess I should have some coffee.

As I’m sitting there, a girl comes over to me and she’s got a towel in her hand. And I think, “My god, I’ve won the lottery here.” So I thank this girl, and she says, “You look like you’re lost.” So I looked at here and I said, “Well I’m not lost but I’m looking for a job and I may be a farmer.” And she says, “You don’t look much like a farmer. What do you know about farming?” And I said, “Nothing.” And she said, “You know, I have a friend sitting over there having coffee who’s got a band. What do you play?” ” I’m a drummer”, I told her. And she said, “You know, my friend’s band is looking for a drummer. No kidding.”  So I looked at her and I said, “I’d be happy to join you.” So I walked over and sat with these guys and they tell me their band is called The Rejuventors and they do blues and jazz, and they have a beautiful female singer whom I’ve already met named Rachel.

The leader of the band says to me,  “Look we’re heading out, we need a drummer, and we need to know if you’re qualified. Are you a good drummer, really?” And I said, “Are you a good band?”, and he says, “Most definitely. We lost our drummer yesterday; he was in a bad car accident and he won’t be back for at least a year. We are leaving in ten minutes, heading to play a show in Calgary.”  So I looked at them, and this is where the thinking part came in, and I said “Yes I will come with you, but I have one thing to do. Can you give me half an hour?” And so there I was on the highway walking in the rain again back to see my prospective boss one last time. As I approached him he was snarling again.  And I thought,  “You know, I don’t think farming’s for me.” So I told my prospective boss thanks but no thanks. I think I’ve been offered something a little more to my liking, and I went to shake his hand. He wouldn’t shake mine. That’s when I knew I’d made the right decision.  I turned and went out in the rain to walk to my new destiny.


By jamesghutcheson

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