Hi everyone everywhere,

What could you say about affection that hasn’t already been said before? But through my eyes, affection becomes something different.  I guess because my sense of view is a bit different now than it was in the old days, so affection is something that I take seriously, and I don’t give unless I really feel it. I’m a very guarded person, and affection is easy to flaunt, but if there’s no meaning behind it why waste your time? So in retrospect, what I’m saying is, holding and caring are beautiful things, and everyone, even me, should have that in their lives. But at this time in my life I do not. I hope that in time I’ll get things rearranged again. But on with the music, that’s what I say. On with the now.

Now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts…and rest. Until we meet again at Edna’s Doily Shop and Cigar Emporium, you know, down by Flasher and Second, on the corner by Stew’s house, one know, that one. Now I leave you with a little bit of…



His name is Bill. He is 88 years old and that’s good. He lives at the Glad To Have You retirement home.

The window is  in the “comfort room” as it’s called. But when you have nobody, and hardly any money, the window is the secret.

While the t.v. blares away some mundane repeat of the same original mundane show, Bill is at the window.

The window is the escape, don’t you know. And Bill, well, he could see his past, and maybe sometimes his future.

In his memory though, he is not just some forgotten soul. Bill can remember the stream, the sounds, the smell of autumn. No matter what they say or do, for Bill the window holds enough.


By jamesghutcheson

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