Hello everybody everywhere,
As I walked down by the river today, I realized how beautiful the colours of the leaves are as they dance through the wind and kiss the water. I have always felt a great compassion for the seasons as they change. For you see, I have walked many roads alone over the years and I have stood all alone in the middle of the night with the wind blowing me around and trying to push me over. But the passion that I have for life is greater than anything that would try to hold me back. I look around and I see beauty in all your faces. But I also see stress. And that bothers me. I wish, honestly, that I could just walk up to somebody who is sad and just hold them for a second and say, “Hey girl, you’re fine.”
Holidays are a hard time for people. Everybody running around and trying to get everything done. and then there’s some people who are down just standing in the wind, wondering about tomorrow. But wondering will not help. Your passion must be pushed forward. If you have a dream, no matter what it is, as long as it’s good and you’re not hurting anybody, then I say, feel the wind. You’re on your way. That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. Until we meet again at Edgar and Phyllis Trumaski’s Health Spa and Rifle Range on the corner of Helpus Way and Flitt.



You know, one day, poor Bob Hummel was walking down the street. I believe it was Grant Place or something like that. It was a nice street, full of lights and colour. It was a very exciting time for everyone:  it was summer, the lights were skating off the water and the sky, but Bob…he had other things on his mind. Bob was going to get his suitcase.

Now some people might think, what’s the big deal there, Bob. It’s a suitcase. But Bob says, “I’m going on a trip and I need a suitcase. Not just any suitcase, a special suitcase.” So Bob went downtown, and as he was walking he was looking in the windows and watching all the people dancing and walking around. It was quite an event, this Friday night downtown business. But Bob couldn’t stay and watch too long. He was in a hurry. He was on his way to Swenson’s Department Store on Figero and Ward.  Bob was quite excited because he knew they had a sale going on in that department store, and he was excited about his suitcase. To Bob, who had been alone all his life, small things mattered to him that probably didn’t matter to anyone else. And that suitcase mattered to Bob.

So Bob went into Swenson’s, his favourite store. He could smell the sales. Couldn’t you? Another thought entered his mind. If I’ve got a suitcase, maybe I’ll get a handkerchief too.  No, that’s too much. I’ll just get the suitcase. He looked down the aisle and saw a sign that said that the suitcase sale was on the second floor. So Bob scurried up the escalator, and as he got up to the second floor he looked down the hall and there they were.

So Bob said to the attendant, “I see your name is Lucy. I’m here to purchase a suitcase. I’m going on a trip, you see.” Lucy looked at Bob Hummel and said, “That’s wonderful, Sir. What are you looking for?” Bob said, “I think I will have a brown suitcase to match my pants. You see I’m wearing my best suit.” So Lucy said, “Well you certainly look dapper, and a brown suitcase would be just the right touch.” Bob Hummel looked at it and thought to himself, “This will be a great suitcase and I will have a great trip with this suitcase.”  So Bob looked up at Lucy and said, “How much for this one?” And she said, well Sir, they”re on sale for $49.95.” Bob said, “I’m in.” He got his suitcase, thanked Lucy, and as he was leaving he stopped and looked at Lucy with a gaze that would have stopped a truck in motion. And as she looked at him, Bob looked in Lucy’s eyes and he said, “Do you know where the bus stop is?” Lucy, a little beside herself said, “Bus stop? That’s what you said to me? Bus stop? Sir, I’m sure there are many bus stops along the way. Good night”.  Bob said, “Well I’m sure it’s not that important anyway.”

Now Bob could think only about his trip because he had done what he had set out to do. By golly he set out to get that suitcase and he got it.

As Bob left Swenson’s and walked down Main Street on his way home with his new suitcase he looked through the windows and thought to himself, “Well, I know I’m alone, but I’ve got my suitcase and I’m going on my trip.” That seemed enough for Bob. Being alone doesn’t always mean you’re lonely. Sometimes it just means you’re Bob Hummel.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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