Hello everyone, everywhere,

Today we’re going to talk about the kids who don’t have a father, or maybe a mother. And I want you to know that because I’m dealing with it in my own family, I certainly feel for you children. But the beauty is that you are here and every day you smile and carry on; you carry the legacy of your father or mother with you for all time. The lights never go out in memory town, and the songs are all good. So this Christmas, though maybe tough, somebody may be sick, or hurt, or gone, remember they need you more now than they every needed you before. You be strong, but be human. You must always remember: be kind to yourself or you’ll never be kind to anyone else. That’s all.

And now it’s time to close our eyes…and rest. Until we meet again at Bev and Benny’s Fine China and Tire Shop on the corner of  Black Street and White Avenue. You know, right around the corner from Ned’s Greenhouse.


Christmas Couple

Well, it was a cold night in old Toogood Mountain. Yep, you could feel the season coming on. Snowing, blowing. But everybody was fine. Christmas was in the air. Everybody was talking.

Not too many people lived out in Toogood Mountain. There was Abe and Fiona Cornswell. They lived at the bottom of the mountain. And then of course there was Rigley and Betty Stout. The Stouts lived about halfway up the mountain. And there were a couple more families, them and them and those guys,…you know.

But anyways, this is Margie and Slim Flagger’s story. This is about their little Christmas. Now they didn’t have much, those two. And they were pretty old. No kids, just an old dog named Flett. He didn’t do much. But he had ears and a tail so they called him a dog.

Margie and Slim decided they were going to go together to get their Christmas tree. Now loved each other, they did. But working together, not so good. Slim said, “We’ll go to town and we’ll get us a nice fir. That will look good.” But all of a sudden Margie was there, and she was saying, “No, I don’t think so. I’m thinking a little green one. ” Slim said to Margie, “They’re all green, honey. Except this blue fir that I want.” So Margie said, “Fine, we’ll do it your way”.

As they walked towards the trees, Slim knew that there would be no fir tree because he knew that doing it his way was only going to get him in trouble. Now Margie was a little woman, but she was feisty. And as they walked through the trees, this wonderland of beauty overtook them and Slim said, “I see the tree I want already.” But Margie said, “I think we’ll look around.” Slim thought to himself, “This is not going well.”

Two and a half hours later, Margie found her tree. It was not even close to what Slim was looking for, but he knew that was the tree they were getting.

You see, folks, sometimes to have a merry Christmas, and a good one, you’ve got to do what’s right. And gentlemen, what’s right is, don’t think, just respond. That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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