Hello everyone, everywhere,
This week has been quite incredible. I went to the doctor; I’ve got a bad chest cold. He put me on the puffer and that scares me. I don’t smoke, for sure. Anyways, that’s that.

I just want to talk about the people around me. I go and play in the morning, three times a week in a studio with the most incredible musicians I’ve ever known. The focus is so strong, I’m weary from the joy it gives me.

And the people. I have always fought alone. I have made many wrong choices in my life and now I’m trying my best to be a good man. I’m not sure what that is, but Michelle keeps me in line.
I want to thank the people who have kept me safe and loved me. There’s Michelle and Dean, and the band of course. There’s Alisa my therapist who keeps me going so I can continue to do the things that I do.  Of course my family, Susan and Kelsey. And there’s Vinny, Tina, and you know, them and them and the others. It’s all good.

My website has almost 20,000 hits in less than two years and I’ve self-published five pieces. And you’ve got them. You can read them. And I’m doing this because it just seems my soul has these words that have to come out. So Michelle and I do it. I spit out the words and she makes it a story.

That’s it for now. Until we meet again at Frank and Frannie Stump’s Fine China and Bowling Alley Emporium on the corner of Flat Avenue and Broke Street.

Tonight the words I’m giving you are for my brother Merv. It’s just a little Christmas story that I thought I would tell because I think it’s the way it happened when we were kids. This tale is called….



I lost my best friend. My brother, you see.

And now there is only me.

When we were little boys we would run around and make lots of noise.

Kick dirt, throw stones at walls, or even hit a pole.

In the winter we would jump and play,

Throw snowballs and I guess just dream away.

Then the snow would start to fall,

And darkness and stars began to call.

Now almost 50 years later, the stars come out

And day goes grey,

And I remember, though you have gone away,

I’m only broken but here I will stay,

To watch over your son, because can’t you see,

You are my brother, so this now is my destiny.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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