Hello everyone, everywhere,

This time of year it seems there’s just no resting. Everybody is on the go. These holidays drag you out. And me, I’m trying to get my voice back. It’s almost back.

This has been a funny year, when I think about it. Well, not funny ha ha, but…different. In the scope of a year my best friend died, I’ve got to sell my house, I quit smoking, and I am very excited about the future, though I have no idea what that is. As I live day to day I cannot see far enough ahead, so I deal with each day and that’s how I get through. Day by day. I surround myself with positive people and I look for people everywhere who are happy. If I see someone standing there, and they look lost, (you know how people are), I have no problem walking up to them and saying, “Hello. How is your day?” It doesn’t take much effort. I think it’s called being human.

Anyways, Michelle and I both have colds. We’re trying to smile, so I think this is it until next week.

Until we meet again at Sid and Cherise Plumb’s Day Care and Mud Wrestling Emporium at the corner of Darn Street and Stitch Avenue, I’ll leave you with a little story called….



Debbie Fibbin grew up in a beautiful town of more than 3,500 people. She called Sheldean Flats home.

When she was little, she was more boy than girl. You know, think eureeka! Tomboy.  That’s the word, tomboy. All right though, thinking back I think that word was more of a slogan. That matters not. It was just a moment.

Debbie Fibbin is much older now. Two bad marriages. Saw the farm go.

But Main Street. It was exciting when you were small, but growing up came with great responsibilities.

It was Thursday morning. Not unlike any other Thursday. I guess unlike any other Thursday because Debbie found herself on Main Street all right. Pause for a second. Smell the fading history.

That’s what Debbie Fibbin did as she found herself looking through the old fence boarding. The fence boarding of Walt Zebber’s closed down drugstore. To watch the people of Sheldean Flats. To remininse with a glance or two. How the lights would skirt across those shiny sidewalks. And everyone, I mean well, most everyone, took great pride as they strutted and scurried, just to make it mean something.

Now in reality Debbie Fibbin knows it’s all gone. Don’t get the idea it’s finished. That’s wrong. It’s only tired, this old town of ours. Close your eyes and ears for just a second. I mean, slow down a bit. There, you’ve got it. When Debbie Fibbin does that, she sees in her eyes and hears in her head, the past needs to be just that. The infinity of today and then…

I guess it all comes down to, it’s funny what you see when you think.


By jamesghutcheson

2 comments on “DUSTING OFF MY DUTIES

  1. As always James G, I love reading your stories and the way you weave your words. Every once in awhile I read a line and it grabs hold…. and I slowly exhale through it….you weaver of magic -that touches the soul !!!!

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