Hello everyone everywhere,

Well, the sign went up today. The castle is now up for sale. I’m glad that it’s finally time to get going because I’m ready to get going. When I stand in that house I remember all the sounds and noises that used to go on when Merv was alive. He had a lot of friends and they used to come around a lot. And the house was always full of laughter. He’s gone, they’re gone, so it’s time for me to be gone.

Our concert on Friday night with my band, Souful Noize, was beautiful.

Well, I’ve got to do a lot of thinking this week, so I’ll tell you more next week.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. Until we meet again at Sherman and Shelly Splinter’s World Famous China Collection and Pellet Gun Range, just down the street from where Betty used to live. Yeah that house, that’s the one.



Oh yes, Ted is in a fuss you see.

Cause today he’s mad at society.

They do not get his pain and despair.

So he quietly sits and talks to dead air.

 Ted lives by his own whim. That’s fair.

On a good day he’s happy with the bustle and hustle.

Ted strolls to parks and even goes downtown.

He smiles to the people but he’d really rather frown.

When the pain and the dreams come at night,

and the stillness ends, dark becomes fright.

The next day Ted got on his way.

He was showered, dressed nice, a working man you’d say.

That same morning he missed the bus.

I feel Ted is always going to fuss.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson


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