Hello everyone, everywhere,

It’s been a harrowing week. Apparently selling the castle is quite an adventure. The moat hasn’t come up in three days; it’s been very busy.

Michelle and I are working really hard at finding me a new residence. It’s going to be the beginning of something new for sure. Because one thing that life guarantees you is change. As I feel that the house will be gone soon, I’m sort of in a conundrum. I mean, I know I want to get going, but I just don’t know where I’m going to. I don’t mean where I live. I mean…what’s next? Well, we’ll see. I’m excited. And for now…that’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts…and rest. Until we meet again at Bud and Stacey Allgone’s Home of Crystal Seahorses and Horseshoes Emporium on the corner of Flo Street and Eddie Avenue, right next to Bob Splint’s house, the one with the decorative porch. Yeah, you betcha, that’s the one.



Efrem Mosby is a little man. Though if you know him, he stands as tall as the occasion calls. (If you get my thinking on that).

Efrem feels that this last year has aged him plenty. You can always tell by the eyes. He lost his boyhood best friend of almost fifty years. A brother, don’t you know.

Efrem saw his good friend Howie at the hospital, first there as a great friend to Efrem’s brother, but then Howie’s best friend was also leaving us in the same hospital. Poor poor Howie. What are the chances of that? Not many be told.

And last but hardly least, Efrem Mosby’s brother’s close friend Vern. Well, he sort of took care of… you could say…ensuring his brother’s legacy. Well done, you’d say.

Efrem Mosby has been the caretaker of the homestead (so to speak).

The days have blown a cold window on Efrem, for, I guess you could say, it feels like forever. Time always has a way of turning people upside down, but then, ever so softly, things become right again. For now though, it’s all right if Efrem Moseby’s a tired man. That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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