Hello everyone, everywhere,

Sorry about last week. I was very ill, but I bounced back because Michelle and Dean came over with all the good stuff, and Dean shoveled my walk for me. Unreal.

These last few days have been a flippin’ roller coaster. The castle is finally gone. Thank you Merv.

Got back to playing today. My hands are very sore from moving furniture. It was a big house. Lots of stuff. It’s incredibly great to be back playing this morning.

While I’m looking for my new roost, Michelle and Dean have adopted me. Michelle’s goal is to fatten me up because, believe me, I need it. It’s been a long year. Well I guess that is it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts…and rest. Until we meet again at Mervin and Poonie Fagin’s World Famous House of Horrors (like scary dude!) And Yoga Classes (Relaxing Stretches and Stuff) Emporium on the corner of HeyThat’sMyStuff Boulevard and CatchMeIfYouCan Street. That’s all.



Tom knew it was moving day. It had been coming for some time. You’d think that after doing this most of his life people would wonder (and you know they would) why Tom didn’t know how to just get on with it.

But for Tom Southerson, this move seemed to be a hard one. (Don’t you know). I guess the older you get the colder the breeze seems to be, and the days stretch, and the sun’s yawns are just, well, good enough.

Tom said goodbye to all the neighbours who would talk to him. (And there weren’t many). He always took great pleasure in all the  neighbours trees. He loved the trees. He just didn’t like the neighbours. And they didn’t like him.

Well, everything was off the deck. Tom looked around and said, “Well, time to go.” It had been a long time since Tom was on his own. He got that ache in his chest when he realized he was going to be alone for a long time. But then he blinked and saw that he had a lot of incredible people around him. It was a new life coming. Tom knew it was time to go.

This was the day that Tom Southerson moved on.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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