Hello everyone, everywhere,

Once again I cheated something very dark. I am so glad to be healthy again. Got one more test to go.

On the good side, everyone did their jobs and the castle now belongs to another. And me? Well, I’m enjoying every moment, like I always have, but now with even more sense to realize…yes, just to realize. That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts and…rest. Until we meet again at Bobby and Bernice Loosecannon’s World Famous Home of Ear Testing and Music Shop (All Under One Roof) Emporium, where our slogan is If the music is too loud, we’ll just crank up those hearing aids! on the corner of Whatdoyouneed Road and Whathaveyougotboulevard. Can’t miss it. Right next to where Carol lives. You’ll know her by her missing tooth.


War Guy

It was all a fuss (don’t you know). The fuss? Well didn’t you hear? Dickie Nolan’s back. Damn war. Any damn war. For whatever the reason.

Yep, Dickie was born and raised here. Oh some folks would say, what’s to forget? He was always a free bird (for sure, they’d say that).

Dickie Nolan’s parents are waiting vigilantly for Dickie to arrive. They got a letter, damn straight on that one. It said: Corporal D Nolan. Case #67897 has mental problems. The govement called it PTSD. Those in the know knew old Horance Nolan didn’t understand. And so, he was afraid. But he’d never tell you that out loud. (You can shout bingo on that one).

Dickie Nolan was sitting passively beside a fellow soldier. He finally saw what he needed. He was almost right with that. Home. Four years is an eternity. Dickie looked at himself for only a tick. He would like to think that if he tried hard all those memories of growing up here in Charlie Falls would return.

As they drove down Main Street (which is four lights long), Dickie spotted a banner: Welcome Home Corporal Dickie Nolan! The sergeant stopped the car about a half block from the townspeople and the banner and such. The sarge looked at Dickie and said, “Dick, this is not going to be easy for anyone. I suggest you walk that half block by yourself.”

So with tears in his eyes Dickie saluted his sergeant and started walking. Funny, on a warm sunny afternoon that half block walk could be so hard to do.

Finally there was no escaping it. Dickie found himself face to face with his parents. His mother cried, not hard (you get me), but it was enough to break down. When he met eyes with his father they slowly moved close enough to hug. So what do you think? They hugged.

Of course this crying from a soldier…well, some in the know…well their thoughts were more to thinking that the boy was broken. Might as well go as stay. Show’s over.

Dickie’s dad look at him and smiled an old smile, but a smile just the same.

And I guess at that moment of time Dickie Nolan felt, “I’m back”.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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