Hello everyone, everywhere,

Hey you guys. Things have great lately! The weather’s getting better, and I’m getting better every day. Michelle and Dean are making sure of that.

I found my new castle, and I think my brother is smiling, because I found exactly what I needed to find. Everyone is happy, including me.

I know this time of year everyone is out smiling and meeting that certain someone, you know what I mean. So I’ll leave you to it for now and just let you know that all is well, and please stay with me. That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment..and rest. Until we meet again at Lester and Lucinda McTrowels’s Home of Frog Catching Championships and Fine China. (If you can believe it, under one roof). Our motto is If you can’t catch a frog catch a vase. You’ll find us on the corner of Dunnit Street and Really? Corner next to Dan Allbright’s house. He has twisted balloon animals all over the front yard. Can’t miss it.


Man carrying bag

Andrew Pratt, some would say, might be…oh I don’t know….odd. I don’t know why they would say that. I mean he does have that glint in his eye and kind of a funny smile, not a sneer but more of a come hither. He was a thirtyish kind of fellow. Had kind of shaggy brown hair in a sort of unkempt way. (It worked for him). Andrew didn’t like to dress like everyone else. He liked to make a statement. He was more of an ‘I remember you’ kind of person.

Andrew lived in Baxter Falls (population 3,000). It was a nice little place, and if you closed your eyes and the wind blew right you could almost taste the history.

Andrew decided that this Thursday was going to be his day. He was going downtown; he had 160 bucks to blow and he was going to get some stuff. (Clothes I mean). So on Thursday morning Andrew went downtown. The sun was out, and that wind? Well it was just right. And Andrew, well he knew where he was going. Right down to Steve’s Get a Good Suit or a Pair of Pants.

In Baxter Falls you want to be seen wearing a pair of green pants, and if you’re wearing a plaid coat, you’re fitting in. That was until Andrew Pratt came along. Andrew went downtown with his money and walked into Steve’s. Steve said, “Hello! Welcome to Steve’s! Can I get you a pair of green pants?”

Andrew replied, “Do you have any red ones? And maybe a paisley shirt.”

Steve grabbed his chest and said, “We don’t carry red pants! And we certainly don’t have any paisley shirts!”

So Andrew smiled and went on his way down the street.

Now you’d think after that kind of craziness at old Steve’s place that Andrew would give up. But no.  He wanted those red pants and the paisley shirt. He checked every clothing store in Baxter Falls. All three of them. Well, actually two and a general store.

First one: Millies. He walked in and luckily no one came to help him, so he looked around. He didn’t see any red pants. He saw a lot of green and dark blue. They seemed to be the colours of the day around this town. He looked through every shelf, and of course did not find anything close to what he was looking for, though they had some lovely plaid shirts and jackets.

Millies didn’t work out so off he went to the last big store which was really not very big. It was called Herman’s Hideaway. (I think he was a hippie kind of guy there).  When Andrew went in he noticed a picture of Herman on the wall. He did have short hair but he had bangs. I think that’s why they called him a hippie. Again no sales people around. So browsing Andrew went. He looked and looked. And again saw some mighty find plaid and some…well…Herman had some different kind of pants. He had white painter pants. I mean the kind you wear when you’re painting, and he carried the only sweat pants in town. They were green. They said Herman’s on the butt. (Nasty).

So again, off Andrew went. One more stop. The general store. The general store! How are you ever going to find clothes in the general store? But Andrew went in and looked around. There was a fellow at the desk and he nodded. I guess that was kind of a greeting. Andrew Pratt just smiled and carried on his way and started looking on the shelves.  As he looked on the clearance shelve (which was more dust than clothes), to his amazement he found a pair of pants his size. They weren’t red but they were purple. And that was good for Andrew. He dusted off some of the shirts but he didn’t find a paisley shirt. He did find an old kind of tie-dyed thing from the seventies. Andrew smiled and said, “This is good.” He walked up to that fellow at the till, paid for his clothes, and left the store with a smile on his face.

You know, Baxter Falls is a growing place. And it’s good to finally find the right clothes. And so ends the tale of Andrew Platt.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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