Hello everyone, everywhere,

This week has been action packed to say the least. We had a concert on Wednesday; that went well. I did a lot of cleaning and working in my castle and Michelle and I went to Walking With Our Sisters at the museum. Walking With Our Sisters is a display of moccasin vamps (tops) to represent missing Indigenous women. My good friend Lisa Lacroix told me about this because she made one of the vamps in the show. It is hard to imagine that so many beautiful women are gone. Thank you, Lisa, for letting us take the journey. That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment….and rest. Until we meet again at Sam and Stella Upright’s World Famous Home of Floor Hockey and Serene Garden Walk. And thanks to my Auntie Maude, we’ll be doing it all in her yard with plants and such strewn around the outside of the hockey rink. Our motto is Smell a rose but wear a helmet.  You’ll find us on the corner of Didyouspittobaccyonmycarpet Crescent and Youbetcha Drive.  By Fred Spinner’s place. He likes to wave, but look out; he will walk out on the street to do it.


Shadow Man

“Hey, I saw you,” kids chanted on the corner. For a minute, no…nobody catches the shadow man.

In the dark, the shadow man shines like snow falling and dancing, using hoar frost as a back drop.

Downtown Swanzee Falls is prey to the stares of reluctant neighbours.

Headlights cruise the night. Eyes flash signals.

The shadow man smiles and hears the music that molded who he would be, then and now.

Distance, he thinks, would repel obscurity, and a cold wind could keep the senses sharp. (Didn’t see it coming, did you?)

Quietly, with all the dignity he felt needed to be brought to the table, he bowed. Took the walk he needed, and the shadow man just…left.

That’s all.




By jamesghutcheson

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