Hello everyone, everywhere,

Well it’s been a crazy week. I met some of the neighbours. (That didn’t go too well). I like to start off on a good roll like at my last place. Anyways, this guy was out in his yard with a flipping jigsaw on a Sunday at supper time, so I went out and yelled at him. I mean, I was making chicken!

Okay, that’s enough of that. Other than that it’s been a relatively nice week. I put my vacuum together. Moving on, I’m almost ready to start vacuuming. Moving on again. That’s it on that one.

I’m making Michelle laugh like crazy today, so it’s got to be a good day. That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts…if only for a moment…and rest. Until we meet again at Fritz and Bunny Hop’s World Famous Paint Ball and Senior Walk. All operated in Joe Findley’s, oops, I mean Edna Findley’s scenic back yard, with lots of trees. Where our motto is Seniors, if you see a big red blob heading right for you, it isn’t your spouse blowing a kiss, so drop to your knees. We are situated right on the corner of Isthatacombover Street and Noandimshavingitalloffanyway Boulevard, right by Felix and Henna Floos’s condo. They have a windmill on their balcony. Can’t miss it.



Wilbur Snootski is a walker. He loves to take an afternoon stroll up and down the “strip”. (That’s old talk for the happening street). Which gives Wilbur more time to press his pants and make sure his shoes are shined. So, off he goes. Wilbur thinks that if you see enough things and scrutinize enough people, it’s all good. That is, if you keep walking, because Wilbur is a walking man.

He gets caught up with this thought or another. It is this preoccupied veil that, wellllll…seems enough. (Flippin’ be yougalls). Cars drive by and if they look at Wilbur walking, he yells, “No thanks, Bob! I’m walking, don’t you see.”

Wilbur had a dog. He passed. Now Wilbur only has the leash to walk. It’s all good. As he walks back home, Wilbur August Snootski sees people hanging laundry in the front yard. On a string from their porch to a tree! They are hanging their laundry! And all Wilbur could think was, Mother would not like this. Oh no, she would not! She’d have been MORTIFIED! Eyes darting side to side. “What’s that? I used to have one of those. Hey, what do we have here?” And so on, as Wilbur’s thoughts escape his mind.

The sky starts to rumble. Wilbur laughs and thinks, they’re bowling up there again! (Mother always thought that one was a ripper). Walks over. Must be home.

Exhausted but happy, Wilbur Snootski looks up at the sky and thinks, step by step I’m taking back my life.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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