Hello everyone everywhere,

It’s been another one of those weeks folks. I’ve been running around like crazy. I’ve got a show coming up on Wednesday and I’ve been rehearsing. I’ve been cleaning up my castle. And Michelle makes sure I do all of that, and more.

I heard that yoga is very good for brain injuries and fibro.  My friend Erin is a yoga instructor and she told me to try her class. I waited a few weeks, but last week I yogad. I don’t know if that’s the right term for it but it works for me. (So it’s got to work for you). I found it to be incredibly stimulating. I recommend it for anyone of any age. Go yoga! (And football). That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and thoughts…if only for a moment…and rest. Until we meet again at Vance and Verna Vichamup’s World Home of Bugs on the Floor and Phobia Stop. Where our motto is If you phobia people think there are things crawling on you, you’re not crazy. There probably are. Operating every second Tuesday at Mr. and Mrs. Kespiter’s garage floor. Seven p.m. to ten p.m. prompt. Then Mr. Kespiters comes home from work, so you phobia guys have to collect all your “friends” while he and Verna sweep up the bugs. We’re situated on the corner of Heyisthatmywalletstreet and Yesimyourwifesoscrewyoulane. Close to Dwight Flemm’s house. Can’t miss it. Dwight likes the open air. So he had his roof taken off. Quite lovely if you’re insane. Sincerely, Vance Vichamup.



Sirens. Buses. Cars honking. Construction. And Herman Shotsky.

Summer. Sun. Patios downtown. Like flowers opening their petals in spring, and we, like bees, hover right to them.

All shops are open and calling us all in, as easily as a warm wind would catch our senses.

On a day so lovely even a mad man should smile. Music playing everywhere. And Herman Shotsky.

People hustling down the busy street. Children laughing, playing–strike up the band and we’ll take a stand, for what’s in demand is the call of the day.

And the old people dance until the final ember of memories applaud their effort.

Little Herman Shotsky weaves his way through the maze as always. But this day Herman takes his gaze from watching out for everyone else. This mistake causes a small collision with a guy (as big as a house) wearing a leather jacket and a sneer.

There is no quick exit or observation to be made here.

Herman looks up at this guy. The guy smiles, pats little Herman on the back and says, “I apologize. I hope you’re all right.”

Herman kind of smiles and rushes away, though he stops once more and thinks that if only for a moment there is beauty in us all. And that calms Herman Shotsky, much like the smile we all get on a hot day or night when, to our delight, the ice cream man cometh.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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