Hello everyone, everywhere,

It’s been a funny week. The weather started off weird and now it’s getting hot again. Finally holidays are over for most of the band and we’ll be back together Wednesday, preparing for our show coming up on August 22.

I had a terrible cold this week and now I think Michelle has picked one up herself. So we’re both having fun tonight picking at each other because we’re both crabby. But luckily our friendship keeps us smiling no matter what. And the work goes on. That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. Until we meet again at Jeb and Jenny Gottrouble’s Home of Hand to Hand Combat for Troubled Teens and Peace Marches by the Elderly. Where our motto is: Elderlies, if you see a hand coming at you, just grab it. They’re going to flip you anyway. You’ll find us every Wednesday and Saturday. (Wednesday for sure, Saturday if we can round up enough old people). You’ll find us easy. We do both events together in Millie Hadenough’s back yard. We’re on the corner of Excusemesirarethosemysocks Crescent and Yesthankyouitookthemfromyourclothesline Road. If you pass Eugene Blummer’s house, slow down. He loves to gibber. If you can’t make it, Eugene will be gibbering anyway.



The streets were alive that day for sure. Birds flew overhead, calling each other by name. The trees, oh they seemed to be the same. Sounds. Happy, quiet, noisy, you understand. The sky was thick with grey, fighting the sun for top spot.

There was a harshness in the wind.

Go home, be safe. Laugh. Gaze at yourself in the mirror if it pleases you. Be warm. Feel love. Do not choose obscurity, for the penalty is great. Those who have had time to…be, with grace, will tell you by a flutter of their lashes. Cherish your value because that is what you bring to the table. Life will promise only reality and change, like old friends, too proud to say goodbye. Lessons learned. Hard is the reality. Guard your dreams, trust in diluted memories. You will know when to share. Really? For sure. So says the lost man.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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