Hello everyone everywhere,

It seems that the hot air that we were all complaining about is going faster than we expected. I’m starting to really miss it.

I just had eye surgery last week and I was very afraid. Even though it was pretty simple I realized how important my eyes are to me. I mean sure, if I lost my sight Michelle would drag me around and she would have a good time taking me to the wrong places and laughing her head off about it. But everything would carry on (although I would have to give up painting the walls). Luckily for me my sight is all coming back very nicely although it’s still kind of foggy and troubling to me.

For now that’s all I’ve got. There’s a lot more I’ll tell you next week when I’m feeling better. But for now…that’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes (especially me) and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. Until we meet again at Dino and Deenie Dropmatters Home of Drive a Harley for Beginners and Bird Watching for the Elderly. Where our motto is Old folks, if you hear something coming and it’s not tweeting, get the hell out of the way. We’ll be fitting all that in at Harry Wilks back yard. Harry is away right now. That’s probably a good thing.  Saturday afternoon, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Best no one says anything to anyone. You’ll find us easy. We’re on Icanrunfasterthanyou Road and Yousirareanidiot Street. If you go by Buck Feeble’s and you see a paint brush stuck on his head, don’t give it a thought.



Whoosh, whoosh, the wind did say. It startled Sam Liggum awake that day. Now Sam was six you see, and every morning early–because of the wind he thought–he woke up.  Right outside his window was a bird, standing on a branch on his back yard tree.

Now Sam, you see, stood oh.. about four feet tall. It certainly didn’t help that he had–I know, wait for it–freckles. He had a mop of brown hair and brown eyes. He loved to bug his dad with corny jokes. That’s Sam.

Back to this bird. Sam would see him every morning. He would stick his face on the window and make faces at the bird. It made them both laugh.

One day, Sam’s mom came into his room and said, “Sam, that is a sparrow. There are lots of them, and they all look the same. It can’t possibly be the same one.”

Sam Liggum puffed up his chest, looked way up at his mom, and said, “I know Mom. If it’s good enough for the bird it’s good enough for me.”

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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