Hello everyone, everywhere,

I hope you all have been well. It looks like Fall is upon us. I’m quite excited because this Sunday we’re doing our big show on the main stage ay Bower Ponds in Red Deer for the Scotia Bank AIDS Walk for Life. We’ll start at about 11 a.m.

What I really want to talk about tonight…I’ve been writing these ‘Until we meet again’ statements for quite some time, and as crazy and funny as they are, I feel that I have run the gamut on them for awhile. I think it’s a summer thing and that’s where I’m going to leave it. I have come back to writing again with a real ferocity so Michelle and I want to deal with that, and only that. So with that said…

Now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. That’s it.

And now I would like to present tonight’s feature called…



A lonely man and a lonely woman slowly pass each other on a busy street.

He starts to turn his head, and she tries to look in his direction. But at the last second she lets her fear take over and gazes the other way.

They both know that they have probably done the wrong thing, yet they keep walking.

She thinks, I’ve kept that candle in the window so long that the light has gone out, leaving it and me only cold.

He thinks, I wear my loneliness like a trophy. There have been so many stages of it that I have just become used to it winning.

It’s a Saturday afternoon. Downtown. Big city. Anywhere. So many people hurrying to somewhere…nowhere. But the complexity of this situation calls for more than that.

Which brings us back to him and her.

Oh these busy streets, (and you know they are), as people scurry here and there. The shops are alive with the orchestra of cash registers and credit cards.

He thinks, If I retrace my steps, perhaps I might see her again.

She thinks, Should I hurry along, or should I mill about? But if he does come back, what then?

Why does it always happen that when you are in your good clothes, the wind always blows downtown dust?

Fall. A time for layering and the incredible light show. The changing of the guard as the trees recoil and beckon winter’s inevitable arrival.

She thinks, What a silly girl. You almost made contact. Then what? I mean, really. Then what!

He thinks, If I had been more dapper…yes, it’s probably for the best.

And then they both think….if only for a moment…Lonely no more.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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