Hello everyone, everywhere,

This week has been crazy. In one week I’ve managed to see the eye doctor and get a clear bill of health and I’ve just finished a big concert in the park with my band, Soulful Noize.

For the first time in the three years that I’ve been working with Tom Ball, the leader of the band,  I used real drums. I’ve always used electronic drums before, but this venue seemed too big and too important. I needed to feel the real thing again. I pulled it off, but I was very nervous the whole time, and that’s not me. But I did manage to do my job; everything I thought wasn’t there, was there. I shouldn’t second guess myself I guess. Michelle and Dean rode their bikes all the way there; twenty minutes each way. Well done.

I’ve decided  to give you a new picture to look at on my website. This picture was taken at the concert by my friend Don Swift who owns the company that gives me the grips at the end of my sticks. You can see them in my picture. Because of arthritis, over the years my hands have taken a severe beating, and finding these grips has enabled me to get back complete mobility, which is the whole deal if you’re a drummer. It’ll be good on me and it will sound good on you.

And now it’s time, if only for a moment, to close our eyes, and rest.  May I present…


Man in Sun

My name is James Sutherland. I was hurt a long time ago. The doctors said my injuries were permanent, so I learned to live with the pain…sorry, live is hardly the feeling.

Me, James Sutherland. Caught in this life’s turmoil. I look in the mirror and the face that looks back at me looks the same, except I feel…you know…different. And I’ll probably feel different for the rest of my life.

Reflection is for those fortunate enough to have memories. You see, mine were taken. It was a trade-off.  Made the deal. So now, new memories.

Those who choose to keep me at arm’s length: you lose. And it makes me smile even more.

James Sutherland has built a dream and taken it on a journey, one step at a time. Break me down with pain? Sure, why not. Shun me because I am m what I am? Big deal. But forget I matter? Who decided that? I may be cold but I have been given gifts to share.

Oh no, I have no money. But I play music, and when it’s good, so am I, and then so are you. (It’s true). You have no idea of the insanity this journey has tried to make me endure.

The sun is shining, the leaves are golden brown, and the wind always sings the same four words to me.  Will you get it?

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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