Hello everyone, everywhere,

Well, it’s been one crazy week. Our studio for Soulful Noize will be ready on Wednesday and I’m hoping to see my present too. We’re all very excited. It’s unbelievable: I’ve been playing for forty-seven years and I’ve never had anyone build a studio for me before.

The weather has been kind of funny, but hey, no snow. And they are already talking about double digits next week, so great.

I want to talk for a minute about this story. I pulled this one out of the archives. It’s called The Hedge, and I started this story way back in the beginning of 2014. I never got too far with it, not too far at all. But I’ve got back to it, and it’s funny. You’re going to love the characters because I do. They’re a riot. I’ve given you part one today and then next week we’re just going to keep going. This is a great story. Kids will love it. Parents, read it to your kids, or kids, read it to your parents.

That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest.



It was dark and cold for October but little Davey Kufnik felt not only cold, but now… afraid. As he looked across the yard Davey thought, I might be crazy, but I swear, that hedge across the yard is watching me. He could not understand for the life of him (and he was nine you know) why that hedge was wearing slippers. Well I’m going to need the gang, Davey thought.

Now the gang consisted of Donnie McQuirk, eight years old, with moppy brown hair and glasses. Donnie had a funny sense of humour. He was always pretending to be in a fight—except there was no one else there.  Actually though, he was quite good at it. As his grandpa always used to say, “You can let the chickens out of the barn but you’ll never find the dog.”

And then there was a girl. It was okay though. She was kind of like one of the guys. Lacey Funnel was eight. She was smarter than Davey and Donnie, but they didn’t know it. Lacey lived next door to Davey, so that’s why she was in the gang.

We will return to these guys in a bit.


By jamesghutcheson

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