I always start out with ‘Hello everyone everywhere’. But today I’m sending this message out to the world. This site is global–I hear from people all over the world about my little stories, and I said to Michelle that maybe I should just stop this. Maybe this is a waste of time. But then I realized that I’m an artist and that’s what I do: I play music and I write words. So in essence what I’m saying is, I will never stop and I will never ever give up. Because stopping means that they win, and we can’t ever let that happen. Their only message is kill, and our only message is live. Who do you think is going to win? They have woken the world. They have made a mistake. That’s all.

Until we meet again, everybody just take a moment, close your eyes and your thoughts if only for a moment…and rest.


Sunrise scene

Hello, this is Les Slogamin. I’m sitting on a porch in Happy Falls. Yeah, that’s right!

I was watching the news like the rest of you. Here’s what’s up with me. Muslims all bad? Well that’s crazy talk. Slow down. Don’t hurt people whose only crime is…what?…they’ve known you since you were six?

It pisses me off, all this ridiculous killing.

If I could slow you guys down for just a moment, I would sure as heck say that we all, like you, come from somewhere. You do not have to give your young and precious lives to a cause of…oh for however sake…stop! This cannot go on. When you young people are through destroying beauty and lives, sit down with your guns and bombs and hide in the dark as you do, killing souls. That’s what you’re doing. Killing souls. Pardon me while I spit and clear my eyes. But you have no right…NO right! to take a soul you cannot explain. Damn it and damn you. True hate survives in the ignorance of those who translate love to hate.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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