Hello everyone everywhere,

This week has been sensational. I’ve had time to write and rest. Now I’m sitting with Michelle and we just finished editing my story. Before I could digest it all Michelle started talking Jabberwocky to me. I don’t speak Jabberwocky; I’ll have to learn. (I think not). I asked Dean and he doesn’t speak it either.

It’s been a week off for the band but I’ve been going in and playing on my own. I just love it. My drums are like a girlfriend to me. I just can’t be away from them. (I guess that would be a girlfriend you like). Well anyway on that girlfriend thing…that’s kind of an empty subject for me at this time. But I’m hoping. My plan this year is to carry mistletoe around in my pocket. We’ll see who is kissing who.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. It gives me great delight to present…



Well hi there! I’m Bobby Simpson. Nine years old and thoroughly convinced the world has had it. I mean, every day my dad hangs his head when no one is looking. My mom says he’s getting laid off his job after 25 years.

And I wonder why everyone hates everybody. People dying just for being people; that scares me. (I’m a people, you know).

So I go where I always go when I need to calm myself from being afraid. I go into the woods and talk to the trees. I tell them how I feel, and like magic, the breeze wakes the branches so they can answer. Oh, not in words, more a rustling, you see.

Night is my time, and I feel warm and safe under night’s dark blanket, with only a few wondrous stars to help me see my way. Supposing, and I mean I’m just supposing, I had three wishes for Christmas. My first wish would be for smiles instead of frowns, and my second wish would be for a little snow and fun. And for you older folks, what I think I would do with my third wish is I would wish for some peace in the world…if only for a moment.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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