Hello everyone, everywhere,

This Christmas season has once again taken a toll on me. I told no one but Michelle how sick I really was. I had an infection in my lower lungs and I couldn’t get it out, even though I had started using a puffer to avoid COPD. I realized immediately that I needed help and went to my doctor; he’s a really good doctor and was on it right away. I spent the whole season by myself, getting rid of so much poison from my body. I’ve come out the other side now, but I’m physically and mentally exhausted.

I’ve got a great team of people around me andI feel nothing but strength and energy from them. I’m definitely feeling better, and now I will start filling myself with protein, and getting my health back. I’m not writing a story this week because I just don’t have a tale to tell you, at least not one that you want to hear. But next week we’re going into a whole new year and I’ve got a great story I’m working on. Next year I’m going to publish; that’s my goal for 2016–to have my work out there to be bought. I need to go through some steps to do  it, but this year is the time. I’m leaving all my old, sad, and bad memories behind. My health is the only thing that concerns me, and now I’m on the upswing for sure.

Last week Dean and I went to Edmonton to watch the Oilers take on the Winnipeg Jets. I cheered for the Jets and Dean of course cheered for the Oilers. The Jets outplayed them but crazy, but the Oilers won–go figure. Dean and I made a bet and now I owe him a pair of socks (which I already bought).

Today Dean and Keegan are going to Star Wars, Michelle looks great, and I forgot my brush.

Until next week, now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts…and rest.


By jamesghutcheson

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