Hello everyone, everywhere,

Hey, I told you this year was going to be fantastic. If you want to sum me up in one word, my god, it’s resilient, because I just won’t give up. Michelle won’t let me. And neither will Dean. And don’t get me started on the cats.

Well, the holidays are over and I did my usual: I survived. I am back to peak of health and back in the studio, and back to writing. I am dedicated this time to bringing some quality work to the show.

The band is doing great. Everybody’s good now; we’re all getting over bad health and onward and upward we go. We’ve got a lot of work coming up in the new year.

That’s all.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. Until next week, may I present the first installment of…



It started with vaudeville. What’s vaudeville you might ask? Vaudeville was a time of magic. It went on from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Vaudeville was a lifestyle for different performers–all kinds of different performers. There would be dog and pony shows for some, and comedy with hilarious people clowning around. Drama–oh, you got drama.

In vaudeville you got five to ten minutes to get it done. But there was a down side to being a performer. People had to like you, and fast, because you could get the hook!

The hook was a very long pole with a big hook at the end. So if your act stunk, first you’d get booed by the audience (and they were a tough bunch), second (kids lean close; you’ll want to hear this), if your act was really bad they’d stick the pole out from behind the curtain and just like that, they’d hook you and drag you off the stage. For real!

Alas, this story isn’t about vaudeville so much as it is a tale of courage and honour and pride. The star of our story is eleven year old Royce G. Wishformore. And Royce G. was on his way to Knick Knack Elementary School for the winter talent contest.


By jamesghutcheson

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