Hello everyone, everywhere,

It seems the weather is going through its spring cleanup. The wind’s picking up dust and blowing it everywhere and rain’s in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. At least it will clean this place up a bit.

We just finished two concerts, and now we have another on Saturday. We’re the featured entertainment for Shalom Counseling Centre’s Spring Gala. (Michelle and I just looked up gala so we could pronounce it properly. She said in the English way and I pronounced it the American way. Apparently we’re both right).

Other than that, things are moving along at a good pace. My aches and pains are there every day, reminding me that I’m alive. Hasn’t hurt the drumming.

You know, I’ve been thinking: if I were married, I’d have even more headaches than I have now because I’m always doing the wrong thing. I was always getting nagged at in the past, and I’m sure I will in the future too.

Oh yeah, Terrence got a girlfriend!

That’s it.



It wasn’t that they meant to be there; it just seemed right, is all. Sitting high above, but not high enough, you see. We chose–no, not chose, only learned–to accept. Street dust, street noise, street people. Carnival sounds. The cry of the busker. Hurray for the day!

We put Glenn Miller, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington to bed to keep them safe. And Ella, B.B. King, Taj Mahal, and so many…so many more in our old hearts and minds.

Same it seems, though different, this world. They seem to grasp all of this. They got it, some would say. We will watch and see what they do. And many years from now–or not so many–an entity might ask, “What name do we call you?”

With a smile and a wink, they turn and say, “We are called infinity.” It’s an arrangement, don’t you see? That’s all.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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