Hello everyone, everywhere,


I took a walk. A very long walk. It was a gloomy, grey day, but I didn’t mind that. The rain…I didn’t mind that either. But it always makes me feel loss. I really missed my brother today. Everything’s different now, and everything’s changed. The life I knew when I got here is gone, and I’ve reinvented my life once again.

And a crow flew overhead. I looked up and I smiled. I knew who it was.

I have to face more fear, and I have to dig deep once again, but I have Michelle, and I have some strength left. If you really knew me, you would know that I’m trying to be a good man.

And the crow flew by again. And I smiled. I knew who it was.

The walk wrestled with my mind. Fight the demons, slay the dragon, and then just get on with it. There just doesn’t seem to be anything else I can do but keep marching forward. I’m very much alone now, and day to day, that’s all I can do. Day to day.

So I lean on a tree, I close my eyes, and the rain keeps coming. And I don’t mind. You see I had to leave all that behind.

I turn and make that walk back up the road to face what I have to face. I’m ready, as usual. I’m always ready. It’s funny what you learn about yourself when you take a walk.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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