Hello everyone, everywhere,

Well, the wind blew in the conclusion to our story. We thought it might take longer, but we were able to complete it tonight, which is great, because I’ve already started writing again, and I’m very happy about that. (And so is Michelle).

Dean hurt his back, so I brought him a McFlurry. Then I thought that I’d better get one for Michelle too. Good on them.

Anyway, the Soulful Noize concert on Friday was a real hoot. It was packed, and now we’re getting ready for the next one on the 9th. We’re rocking the seniors once again. I don’t get it, but somehow they love us. I mean, we’re talking the elderly in wheelchairs, and people you’d think would never like this stuff. We’re playing the Eagles, and blues, and kicking, and the harder we drive, the more they like it. Go figure.

Well, that’s more than a mouthful. That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. And now, here’s the conclusion of…




Getting back on topic (I hope) I said, “Merv’s missing, Sal, and I really need to find him. I’ve been looking for him all night and this cold October wind is not helping.”

“Oh, Mr. Spitz, he’s been staying at MY place,” he said with great joy.

“Why?” I said. “Why the hell is he at your place?”

“He had to finish his recipe and he knew that his assistant manager was trying to steal it, to get money, I betcha. I’d bet ya $500,000—if I had it. So I hid him. Merv said not to phone anyone—so I wrote myself a note and that’s that. Big Merv is my friend; what else would you do?”

(This guy made me kinda crazy, but I’d say a good crazy). “Okay, where is he right now Sal?”

“He’s down by the river,” Sal said. “Big Merv told me all the time that he can think down there.”

“I think we should go get him, Sal. Let’s bring Big Merv Belkap home”, I said.

“Yes,” said Sal. “His wife must be very worried.”

“She is Sal”, I said. “She is.”

I phoned Mrs. Belkap and told her I had found her husband. She sounded like she was in shock. (I knew how she felt).  Then Sal and I took the bus to River Park. Yeah, that’s right, the bus. (Next time I need to remember to get a bloody advance). As Sal and I made our way off the bus, we discovered that two people couldn’t exit at the same time. Good one, Sal.

We looked over to the park, and there was Big Merv, sitting by the water. I walked up to him and said, “Big Merv Belkap, I’m Danny Spitz and I’ve been looking for you.”

Just then Fiona Belkap came running from her cab and grabbed Big Merv so hard it hurt me. “I’m so sorry Fiona and everyone else. I just had to finish my dream pastry and I knew that Higgins, my assistant manager, was trying to steal it. I spent half my life developing this recipe and I was not going to let my dream be taken away; for you see my dear, a dreamer I am and a dreamer I’ll stay.”

And with that Fiona handed me a cheque, a little heavier than we had agreed upon. (But I think that’s because I found him alive). As I stood to leave I heard Big Merv yell, “Mr. Spitz, would you like a ride home in our cab?”

“No thanks.” (I cannot believe I said this). “I think I’ll take the bus.”

I got Sal and off we went. I needed to call the office first but as usual, I didn’t have a bloody dime, so I borrowed the money from Sal. (I hoped he wouldn’t miss it). I stopped at a pay phone and called Doreen. “Hey baby—YAHOO—we got PAID.”

Doreen whistled in the phone and said, “Danny if that cheque isn’t in our office safe in one hour, I will KICK YOUR BUTT. And—don’t ever all me baby you jerk.” (I was starting to take a real shine to her). Sal sat on the bus and talked as friends that night. We talked just

Sal sat on the bus and talked as friends that night. We talked just truth: our women, our secrets. The fire inside spit tired memories out of us both. (Least-ways Sal’s memories may not have been his but they WERE entertaining).

“I guess this case was sort of easy,” I told Sal. “You know what?  Life can be a drag, but who the hell cares?”


By jamesghutcheson


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