Hello everyone everywhere,

This week started out just like every other bloody week lately–nothing but sorrow in the world. I pay tribute to every single person who just gets up and tries to carry on and have a good day.

There is so much hate and misunderstanding in the world right now, even in our own back yard. I’ve spent my whole life watching people and reading their faces. That’s how I’ve survived. But now it seems that everyone is hiding.

If this is all we are then we aren’t very much at all. But I truly believe that there is more good than evil.

I would like to end by telling you this little tale. It’s something I’m quite proud of. My “conclusion” is gone, and I’m thinking again, the best I can. I’m going to keep getting up smiling. And so is Michelle. And Dean. And the cats. That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. And now…



Now Leo Dancer is no more than that. Leo never puts on airs (unless called for). His promise to himself: to always be on guard. There will  be no quarter drawn or given. No, nobody gets one over on Leo Dancer. Leo knows the street and the street knows him (although his observations on that issue tend to be rather embellished).

In an effort to calm his thoughts, Leo starts his trek. One step at a time–never turn back. Determination pushes Leo towards the inevitable. Nervousness is an albatross.  He walks slowly, as the wind tries to hasten the trip.

Leo sees the fortress on the corner of Colter Street. He stops short of the looming sight ahead. There is fire in his eyes and in his soul. Leo has rehearsed his words all the way:  You have strength. No tears. No fear.

Leo enters the fortress. He rides the elevator four floors and comes face to face with his fear.

The giant leans down and says, “Don’t worry. Your age again is….?”

Leo looks up and says, “Eleven.”

And the giant says, “Now about your tooth. It’s going.”

Leo peers up at the dentist knowing that no fuss or muss will change what is going to happen. He looks fate in the eye and climbs into the dentist’s chair.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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