Hello everyone, everywhere,

Since I left the band it’s been…interesting, that’s for sure. I’ve yet to zero in on a plan. I’m just too tired right now to think about that.

It seems to me that I’ve spent my whole life trying to please people, but maybe it’s only been since I got my brain injury. Now the world is completely different, and though I am very high-functioning (so I’m told), I still have it. And when you get cut off from routine, it can cause craziness in your brain…very upsetting. But for me, the demise was music, and that’s all I am. If I can’t do that…Of course, I’ll keep writing, but that’s not the way I wanted to go out. We’ll talk about trust another time.

On another note, Michelle and Dean and their son Keegan rode their bikes 50 kilometers (after drinking wine all night the night before), with no training. Dean is doing pretty well on his holidays. He’s got a job list eight miles long. but he said to me the other day while we were drinking beer, “Bring it on!”. But now that he’s back home in Edmonton, I think that bring it on is getting replaced with, take it and bleep it!

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. I want to talk about this story a little bit just so you understand. If you find it empty, you just have to read it harder. The words will fill in the story, don’t worry. This is a story abut a young man way off to see his girl. Back then, just the thought of a kiss and a hug was all you could dream of. And this is a story of a man who didn’t get there. So let me present…


It starts with a dark road. Then, the sounds that cause people who live with voices to shudder.

His name is Edward Snow and he is living a nightmare. You see, Edward was on his way to Darnitt Falls to ask Virginia Holt to be his, and only his, forever. Then this misfortunate accident happened. The car caught some ice and went off the road. At the end of the crash, Edward found himself in trouble. He felt nothing in his legs, so he tried to push with his arms, but to no avail. He looked at his watch: fifteen minutes had gone by. Time was slipping.

All he could focus on was Virginia Holt. He listened–listened really hard–but heard nothing. Even the wind heard no one. Edward realized at that moment that efforts to escape were not in the cards.

Panic, fear, anger, sadness, and finally…acceptance.

He frantically searched the pockets he could get at. He found a pencil, then a half sheet of paper. From the light of his headlights, Edward took his pencil and his little piece of paper and wrote…

My Darling Virginia,

I write these words as I find myself in somewhat of a bad position.

I remember the beginning, my love. I never thought you would go for someone like me. I can still smell your hair and taste your lips. I want you to know that asking you to marry me was my only priority.

My hands are so cold, and I am so tired and hurt. Just know that my only regret is that I have to leave you.

So long ago it was hello; but now my love…

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson


Hello everyone, everywhere,

It’s like I can’t close my eyes and rest anymore. The world–I don’t understand this hate. Instead of just saying hello and asking what you’re about and what you’re like…they just shoot you.

The world is tired of all of this death and nonsense. There is just so much more to do. We need each other. All of us. It’s time to stop. It’s time to stop.

That’s it.


And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment..and rest. I wrote these words to make you laugh, and laugh I hope you do.


The Case of Find the Doll – Conclusion


Danny turned to Sonny. “Sonny,” he said, “you’d better get behind the counter. It might–well, it’s more than might–get rough.”

Sonny looked at Danny and said, “Okay, Danny, I’ve got to ask you. Is this mess going to ruin my reputation for fine dining?”

Danny put his hand on Sonny’s shoulder, looked around the dump Sonny called home, and said, “No, Sonny. You’ll still have your ambiance.”

Sonny ducked under the counter and said quickly, “Did you say I need an ambulance?”

Dickie said, “Boss, I thought you said you’ve till got Ambrose.”

Lester Luckless joined in with, “Did somebody say something?”

Danny regrouped his thoughts, looked at this two agents (oh well), and said, “I’ll take the direct approach. Lester, come up behind Stinky Mike, and Dick, you stand behind Denny Fork.”

That’s the skinny on that.

Dick Curtain looked confused and quietly said, “Uncle Danny. His name is Denny Spoon.”

Danny Spitz snarled at Dick Curtain and said, “Of course it is. Get moving.”

The rounders and low-lives were making for the door. Danny and the boys headed in the other direction. Through the fog of smoke, Denny Spoon saw Danny and the boys coming at them. He looked at Stinky Mike and yelled, “We’ve been made! Grab the bag and head for the back door!”

Danny Spitz grabbed Denny Spoon, and over the table they went. Fists were flying, and feet were kicking, and some were even making contact. The other agents, Lester Luckless, and Dick Curtain, Junior PI, jumped Stinky Mike and grabbed the bag.

Danny Spitz, having got the best of Denny Spoon, pulled out his piece and said to Denny and Stinky Mike, “All right, you two. Shower down and drop them gats.” (That’s tough guy talk for “Put up your hands and drop your guns.” (Maybe not in that order)).

In the bag was the doll.

Danny yelled to Sonny, “It’s okay! Get up and phone the coppers!”

After a while, the cops showed up and started taking the kidnappers away. Danny and the boys headed back to the office. When they were almost there, Danny said, “Stop here. I’m getting out.”

Lester said, “But boss! It’s thick out here with grey fog. Where are you going?”

“Dick Curtain, you are in charge for awhile. Here is Mona…no, Lorraine’s phone number. Call her and get our money. Glenda will take care of banking it.”

Dick said, “Uncle Danny, her name is Frieda!”

Danny turned, smiled, and said, “Yeah, that will work. Lester, I do my best thinking when I’m walking in the grey.”

With that, Danny turned smiled that smile hat he has and vanished into the grey fog. For now.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson


Hello everyone, everywhere,

There is no more band. The end. I will cry for the loss my whole life. To be fired…well, that’s done, I guess. I will recover, as I always do. Except this one was harder, because it kicked my heart and not my stomach.

Anyway, now I’ll be looking for new horizons.  I’ll take the dream and will fight once again. I write what I write at the bottom of every story because I remember when I laid alone in a hospital bed, and a doctor came in and said, “If you don’t move, you’ll never walk again.” The next day, I started physio. The end.

I cannot begin to tell you where I find these words, and how numb I am at this point. I’m surprised. I hope you will be too.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest.


The Case of Find the Doll – Part 3

John Barry, proprietor (standing at rear) from Lincoln Coffee Lounge & Cafe, Rowe Street, Sydney

The next day, Danny gave an early appearance at work.

Glenda looked up and said, “Danny Spitz! What are you doing here? It’s the morning!”

Danny paced around his office and replied, “Yeah, kid, I wanted to be here before we opened.”

Glenda replied, “Oh, Danny! It’s 11 a.m. We open at 9 a.m.”

Danny Spitz didn’t miss a beat. He rarely did. He turned to Glenda and said, “Of course you do. Now I want you to contact your cousin. I can’t believe I’m saying this–we need Dick Curtain. Find him fast.”

Two hours later, Dick Curtain made an entrance.

“Well, well, well. Do not fear, Dicky Curtain is here. Who needs mopping up, Uncle Danny?”

“Here is the moxie, Dick. We’re working a kidnap case. An old lady’s dolly is missing,” Danny said.

“Geez, Uncle Danny! Did she try bowling?”

“Already threw it in the mix and she tossed it out with the laundry. Anyway, never mind that, Dick. I need you to go to this address and touch base with Agent Lester Luckless. Got it?”

Dick Curtain, Junior PI looked at his Uncle Danny and said, “Touch base? Where are you going with that?”

Danny rubbed his chin as a writer might do, and said, “Don’t any of you people ever walk downtown Skid Row in the middle of the night?”

Dick wasn’t getting any of this. “Nope, nothing in the handbook about touching bases and such.” He cackled a little and said, “Okay, boss. I’ll go meet up with Agent Luckless. And don’t worry, we’ll go touch some bases.”

Danny Spitz wondered how he ended up with these three. But Dick was a high school wrestling champ, so there was the meat. (So to speak).

On we go.

Later that night, the boys returned to the office. Danny said, “Give it to me boys…uh, I mean, tell me everything, but only about the case, Lester.”

Right away, they both started talking at once. Danny yelled, “Stop! One at a time!”

Lester Luckless said, “Dick, you go first.”

“No!” Dick said. “You, by all means.”

Lester said, “By all means? That doughnut ain’t sopping up my coffee.”

Danny said, “Shut up the both of you! You remind me of this little red-headed broad I once knew. I don’t know…she was tapping her finger and clucking like a chicken, spouting some crap I knew was crap, so why listen? Got it now?”

Lester said, “I watched the dame’s joint all day. And, being an artist, I was making small sketches. Anyway, about 7 p.m., this black sedan pulled up in front of her house. The one guy got out of the car and went to the dame’s door. He stood under her porch light for five to ten minutes. Then he left with the other guy.”

Danny Spitz said, “Lester, give me any idea of their mugs?”

Lester said, “Better, boss. I sketched them. Looks just like ’em, don’t you think?”

Dick Curtain jumped up and said, “I agree!”

Danny Spitz looked at the sketch. “Holy mackerel! This kid ain’t too bad!”

After a closer look, Danny slapped himself in the face. It hurt.  “I know this guy. Or rather, I seen him. Seen him before, I’m saying. But where?”

And then, like a guy who knew he was getting lucky tonight, Danny spewed, “Sonny’s Grill! Of course! Come on boys! We’re going to Sonny’s Bar and Grill!”

As they rushed in (a little obvious to every drifter and low life in the place), Danny saw Sonny at the counter.

“Danny!” Sonny said. “Long time no see! Toasted cheese sandwich?”

“Forget the food. (I know I’m trying to). Sonny! Look at the sketch. Do you know him from coming in here?”

Sonny cleaned his glasses using, I swear, the same dirty apron he had on three years ago, and said, “Yeah, that’s Denny Spoon, and he’s sitting with his friend Stinky Mike.”

Sonny pointed to the corner at two slugs sitting in a booth, making friendly with cigarettes and coffee.

Conclusion next week.


By jamesghutcheson


Hello everyone, everywhere,

This week I have once again been “set right”. Apparently all my ways are not the right ways. I’ll have to learn to live with that, I guess. My goal is to play the drums. That was my only goal in this experiment. I will try to continue to do that the best I can. If needed. That’s all I’ve got on that.

Michelle’s here today, so today is a great day. She’s going to a wedding with Dean. I think they’re getting married again, just to piss me off. How many times is she going to marry this guy to prove that she doesn’t fool around? Anyway, she’s the best, and I wouldn’t write a word of this without her. Or any of it. She’s my best friend. And that’s it.

And now it’s time to close your eyes and your thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. May I present the next installment of…


The Case of Find the Doll – Part 2


And hang around she did. They agreed that Danny would call at 9 a.m. the next day. That call was actually returned promptly at 4:40 p.m. “Danny Spitz, Private Eye returning your call.”

The woman’s voice was gutsy, yet you could feel the ball of phlegm rolling around the back of her throat. “My name is Mrs. Frieda Hadmamal.”

“What can I do for you today, Miss Hadamalallal?”

“Again, sir, it’s Mrs. Frieda Hadmamal.”

“Oh, I do apologize.”

They arranged to meet the next morning.

“Now then, Velma, sit,” Danny said in his most practiced detective voice.

The woman seated herself, looked at Danny Spitz with fire in her eyes and said, “It’s Frieda, not Velma.”

“Of course it is. How can I help?”

Frieda leaned across the desk. Danny started to feel a chill. She smiled. He sat back.

“Mr.Spitz,” she hissed. “I want you to find my doll.”

“Madam,” Danny said. “Perhaps at your age, you might want to move on from playing with dolls to…have you tried bowling?”

Frieda recoiled and said, “Listen, you little twerp. I am a collector! That doll is worth $500,000. It was stolen from my shop two days ago. I want it back. I received a ransom call last night. They say they want $150,000 or  I’ll never see the doll again. Won’t you help me Mr. Spitzzzzzzz.” (Yikes!)

Danny composed himself and said, “Will I and can I? There’re two things to think over.”

“What the hell does that mean,” Frieda asked?

“Oh, just thinking out loud. For sure Madam, I will take your money…uh…your case,” Danny replied. “What did the guy tell you to do?”

Frieda poised herself and said, “I will pay you $5,000 to bring Dolly home.”

“Lady, for that much lettuce, I’ll bring home a dolly for myself. Get it?”

“No!” Frieda Hadmamal said. “Anyway, they said they would call in the next few days with more instructions.”

“No more worrying now, Mrs. Hatatall or Hodfifall or…you know your name. Danny Spitz is on the case. I’ll have one of my best people on this immediately.”

Danny called Glenda on the intercom.

“Yes, Mr. Spitz. How may I direct your call?”

“Uh, Glenda, have Mr. Luckless report to me right away,” Danny said.


Danny looked at Frieda, smiled, and said to Glenda. “You know, Mr. Luckless. My top man.”

“It’s ringing bells, but…,” Glenda started to say.

Danny banged the intercom button and said, “Glenda! Your husband, Lester Luckless.”

“Oh!” Glenda giggled back. “Oh yeah! Right away, boss!”

Ten minutes later, Lester Luckless showed up. Danny said to him, “I want you to take your car to this address and sit on it.”

“Sit on it boss? You’re throwing me a little,” Lester said.

Danny shook his head and said, “Lester, just watch the house. See who comes and goes.”

“So, do you want to know everything, or only what I think is important?” Lester asked.

Danny looked at the shoes he bought from the Big Melcap thing. “Lester,” he said.  “Everything. Tell me everything.”

At that point, Danny felt he might–and that’s a mighty small might–but he might have to call his nephew. This kid had an ego bigger than a full can of Spam. He called himself The One and Only. (His words, not Danny’s). He was Dick Curtain. Junior PI.

Danny’s last good thought of the day was, well, what could go wrong?


By jamesghutcheson